Winona Life

As a WSU student, you’re part of both our on-campus community and the Winona area community.

Full of surprises and stunning scenery—bluffs, lakes, the Mississippi River— Winona is like a giant outdoor playground. More than just a beautiful place, Winona is a historic river town with its own vibe. New restaurants, retail spots, and coffee shops are popping up all the time.

Winona is also a city known for its numerous festivals, live music and theater performances, and art museums.

What’s There to Do in Winona?

Those Views, Though

Known for its natural wonders, the City of Winona has a variety of outdoor recreation activities nestled among towering bluffs and along the mighty Mississippi.

Admire the natural beauty from your lakeside hammock, or get all up in it rock climbing, paddling, and hiking.

For the Artsy among Us

Winona is home to a wide range of art, music, and theatre opportunities, along with museums and collaborative creator spaces.

Eat, Shop & Drink Coffee

We’ve got familiar chains and local shops, boutiques and eats, including the best donut place in all of Minnesota (maybe the world) and ice cream and coffee shops on every corner of town.

You’re always within walking distance of something delicious.

Hottest Coffee Shops in Winona
Get your caffeine fix at one of these favorite local coffee shops.