Housing & Dining in Winona

Our residence halls are the heartbeat of WSU. And our students will agree.

It’s a fact: living on campus leads to better grades and a more satisfying college experience.

When living on campus, you’ll enjoy:

  • Convenience. Easy access to classes and campus resources.
  • Comfort. Safe, secure living with all the amenities.
  • Community. All your friends in one place.

Housing Options

There’s a style of living for every personality.

Choose from co-ed housing, themed residence halls, single rooms, double rooms, suite-style living, and more.

All our living options have shared spaces for studying and connecting.

Community and convenience collide when you decide to live on campus.

Dining Options

You gotta eat. We’ve got you covered on the food front.

From made-to-order meals to late-night snack attacks, your on-campus meal plan will give you the fuel you need when you need it.

Eat in or get it to-go. Your meal plan comes with a balance of Dining Dollars and can be used at a variety of restaurants in Zane’s Food Court and other locations on campus.

Each purchase you make is deducted from your total balance—and you can always add more money to your account.

Special Diets

If you require a special diet, the Dining Services staff is ready to help you find foods you can enjoy. You can meet with our registered dietitian to develop a plan around:

  • your specific allergy or medical condition
  • a review of menu items and ingredients used
  • specialty products you may need
  • cross-contamination concerns

Entertainment & Lifestyle

What do you want to do? One of the biggest benefits of living on campus is the opportunity to get involved.

Our Residence Housing Association and Campus Life teams work together to fill your free time with activities and events. And when you live on campus, you get to experience it all.

We’re always thinking of fun, new activities in the residence halls. Like what, you ask?

  • Game nights
  • Movie marathons
  • Grocery Bingo
  • Bus trips around Minnesota
  • Crafting workshops

Stay healthy and happy. If an active lifestyle is important to you, then get ready to get moving. We’ve got sand volleyball courts, a swimming pool, a fitness center, hiking trails, and more.

Access to Amenities

You’ve also got access to amenities for whatever you need.

From board games to movies to jumper cables to tool kits—if you need it, we have it. These are all the little things that make college feel like home.

Choose from over 8,000 resources across campus.

Students use exercise equipment in the Fitness Center on the WSU Winona campus.