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Our team is here for you every step of the way as you explore options, complete the application, and become a Warrior.

Contact the WSU Admissions Office at or 507.457.5100.

WSU Admissions Counselor Elizabeth Schwanke

First-Year Admissions Counselor
Visits & Events Coordinator

Phone: 507.457.5509
Text: 507.858.6475

Liz represents Greater Minnesota and out-of-state areas.

WSU Admissions Counselor Renee Cortez

First-Year Admissions Counselor

Phone: 507.457.5100
Text: 507.858.6490

Renee represents the Minnesota Twin Cities area.

WSU Admissions Counselor Brady Johnson

First-Year Admissions Counselor
Group Visits Coordinator

Phone: 507.457.5107
Text: 507.858.6490

Brady represents Southeast Minnesota and out-of-state areas.

WSU Admissions Counselor Samantha Eckerson

Recruitment & Admissions Assistant Director

Cell: 507.703.1894
Office: 507.535.3980

Sammie represents WSU Graduate Programs and works with students looking to transfer to WSU-Rochester.

Sarah Curtin

Transfer Admissions Associate Director


Sarah works with transfer students and veteran students.

Kim Gresham

Transfer Admissions Assistant


Kim works with transfer students, PSEO applications, and reciprocity.

Barbara Nascak

Advising Coordinator

Phone: 507.457.2963

Barb works with adult-entry students.

Oresta Felts

International Admission Coordinator

Phone: 507.457.5304

Oresta works with international students.

Admissions Director Kendra Weber
Kendra Weber


Interim Director of Undergraduate Admissions